Magazine Monday: Speaking of Labor Day, work is underway on the bullet ‘bird concept I created a while back. See the November @streetroddermag for more. #drawingcars #concept #ford #vintage #racing #ConceptToReality
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A little throwback for Thursday: Some BRE-inspired Pathfinder racy-ness I had toyed with for my pal @pikesan_myrideisme some years ago. #vintage #racing #drawingcars #oldschool #rendering
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The man who struck fear into the hearts of Chevy and Ford guys… Mr. Jerry Stein. #dartroadtrip #moparmonday #racing
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A Thunderbird for Thursday. A revisionist history, alternate dimension barn find ‘Bird I drew for Street Rodder. #racing #drawingcars #hotrodart #barnfind #timetravel
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An Alternate FlightBeing a physics aficionado, the theory of multiple dimensions holds a special place in my brain.…View Post
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The 1959 Ol’ Yaller Mark III, built by Max Balchowski in his garage on Hollywood Boulevard. Powered by a 414-inch Buick Nailhead, it beat Jaguars, Ferraris, and Maseratis.
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Not all of my stuff is slammed on the pavement.
April 16, 2012 VIEW POST
One of the many hundreds of shots I snapped last weekend at the Old Crow Speed Shop. Awesome times all over the place.
March 21, 2012 VIEW POST
My Shine Runner art… in 3D. Bust out your red and cyan glasses.
March 6, 2012 VIEW POST
Some more of my art:A lakes roadster.
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Trowing some salt into a new Camaro for the AutoWeek Magazine/Rad Rides 2012 Calendar project, and cleaning up that weird door-to-quarter panel transition a bit.
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